My current research falls into three main areas.

1) Partisanship and parliamentary politics

First, my doctoral research explored how voters’ attitudes to political parties shape parliamentary behaviour and rules. Papers from this project have recently been published in the European Journal of Political Research (here), Political Studies (here), and Legislative Studies Quarterly (here).

2) Parliamentary rules

Second, I am also part of the ParlRulesData project, which collects, analyses, and disseminates data on how parliamentary rules have evolved over time. An initial paper from this project, co-authored with Niels Goet and Radoslaw Zubek, has been published in Legislative Studies Quarterly (here).

3) Recent parliamentary developments in the UK

Finally, I also publish work on recent developments in British parliamentary politics. Recent papers discussing the UK’s 2019 prorogation crisis, co-authored with Petra Schleiter, have been published in Parliamentary Affairs (here) and Political Quarterly (here). Another paper discussing recent procedural change in the UK House of Commons has been published in Parliamentary Affairs (here).